Great products and service after the sale!

Machinery Solutions is a supplier of new machine tools to our customers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. We strive to offer a full spectrum of metalworking machine tools. With dozens of product lines to offer, you can be assured we have a solution to your particular application. Our applications and service staff will assist you in getting the most out of any new machine tool purchased from MSI.

  1. Knowledgeable sales force
    • With many great lines to choose from, our sales force is focused on providing you the best solution for your needs and price point.
    • Link to our sales staff
  2. Applications
  3. Fair price
    • We offer affordable solutions for every budget
    • We do our best to win your buisness with the biggest bang for your buck
  4. Installation and training
    • Clear instructions on what needs to be done at the install site before we arrive.
    • Skilled install by an experienced local service technician
    • Training on operation of your new machine.
  5. Service after the sale
    • Warranty and Service calls from an experienced local service technician.
    • Phone support from applications staff
    • Link to our service staff