Keep your older machines producing parts

MSI provides machine tool service in SC, NC, VA, and GA. Our service professionals can assist you with any machine tool service requirements you may encounter. We pride ourselves in provide our customers with the added benefit of "service after the sale" of new machine tools. Our service staff is competent in setups, training, and repairs, so we can fulfill all aspects of our customers' requirements. Many issues can be resolved with phone support.

Our parts department works in tandem with our service techs to supply parts needed to keep machines running. We know that production time is critical, so our service and parts department's goal is to supply fast "machine tool solutions" in order to have your equipment running up to its potential.

Preventive Maintenance

Don't wait until you're down, schedule a PM now to keep producing your parts. Regularly performed PMs on your machine tool will lessen the likelihood of it breaking down unexpectedly. Let our staff of service engineers evaluate and catch problems before a production stopping failure occurs.

PM Example Services:

  • Check machine for level
  • Verify spindle sweep
  • Check spindle orientation
  • Check gearbox oil
  • Inspect belts
  • Inspect changer system
  • Inspect spindle taper
  • Inspect way cover wipers
  • Verify lube/pump operation
  • Inspect coolant system
  • Inspect TSC system
  • Inspect machine air system
  • Inspect system for leaks
  • Check machine voltages
  • Inspect connections/terminal
  • Inspect grounds
  • Check limit switches/safety locks
  • Check motor brushes
  • Keypad operation
  • Check all fans
  • Verify turret/spindle alignment

Special Services:

  • Ball Bar Test - checks circularity and positioning accuracy and repeatability.

Schedule a Service Call or PM

Current Field Service Rates:

Weekdays - $ 135.00 per hour
Weekday Overtime - $ 202.50 per hour

*Please contact us by phone if your machine is down - (803) 359-7000 and press 3