Kitamura Mycenter-HX300iG/400
Horizontal Machining Center

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The HX300iG provides generous work envelopes and world's fastest 60m/min (2,362ipm) rapid feeds providing machining flexibility for a wide variety of applications with unwavering reliability. The HX300iG features standard 50 tool automatic tool changer that minimizes tool change times for maximum cutting time. Kitamura's exclusive fixed pot ATC system assures tools are always returned to the same pot and the next tool to be used is kept in a "stand-by" pot. Higher capacity ATCs can be installed "in-the-field" to 200 tools. The Mycenter-HX300iG is available with an optional 6 or 8 pallet APC system for flexibility in just-in-time machining environments.

Machine Image

Machine Image

Machine Image

Machine Features

  • Rigid 9,100kg (20,020Lbs) Meehanite cast construction manufactured in Japan with craftsmanship in handscraping techniques
  • Field expandable 2-station APC with high speed 4th Axis rotary table and rotary scale. Integral drive motor driven with rapids 54,000deg/min (150min-1)
  • Ultra-high-speed rapid/cutting feeds, 60m/min (2,362ipm)
  • Ultra-high speed tool change, T-T 1.3 Seconds
  • High performance THK double roller linear guideway system
  • Powerful 15,000min-1, 30HP Direct Drive, Dual Contact Spindle.
  • 20,000min-1 HSK spindle is an available option.
  • Ballscrew cooling and fine resolution linear Scale feedback in X, Y, Z axes.
  • Standard hinge belt style conveyor combined with dual internal chip augers = High efficiency chip evacuation

  • Arumatik-Mi control

    Offers the user exclusive feature rich functions to maximize and fully customize the operator experience.

  • Maximizes Operator Convenience

    • Customizable for Ultimate Productivity
    • High Speed Processing, Super Smooth Control Process
    • Fanuc User-Friendly
    • Unlimited Lifetime Software Upgrades
    • Developed for Continual Advancements
  • Powerful, Unique Features on the 19" LCD

    • Customized main menu touch screens
    • Visual work setting screens
    • Maintenance Support Functions
    • Video Guidance
  • Fanuc User Friendly

    • Ability to run current Fanuc programs
    • Little to no modification to existing programs is necessary
    • Looks and feels like a Fanuc Control
    • Comfortable and convenient for those customers who are unfamiliar with anything else
  • Maintenance Support Function

    • On screen parts identification and ability to visually enlarge machine parts list
    • Alarm release guidance screens - Instructs where to check should an alarm occur
    • Periodic maintenance screens help to maintain optimum machine condition, offer longer machine life expectancy and reduce down time.
  • Kitamura Monitor/Adaptive Control

    • Detects tool wear and controls cutting federate automatically by monitoring live spindle load during machining.
    • Tool life is maximized and cycle time is shortened dramatically by adapting to the change in cutting conditions.
    • Additional benefits include reduction in non-cut time and the prevention of machine crashes/human error.
  • Standard Features, Advanced CNC Technology

    • High precision contour control with 1680-block look ahead, 2800/blocks per second processing speeds.
    • 1280 Meters of Memory
    • 8GB CF/USB Data Server
    • 700 Custom Macro Variables
    • 102 Pairs Workpiece Coordinate System
    • 200 Tool Offsets

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Table Size12 in.
Spindle RPM15000
Spindle Taper40 NST
Spindle HP15