Kitamura Mycenter-HX400iG/500
Horizontal Machining Center

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The Mycenter-HX400iG is setting the new standard in 400mm horizontal machining centers, delivering the ultimate in state-of-the-art HMC performance. Solid box guideways are equipped with linear scale feedback on all axes for unmatched accuracy and optimum stability. A standard 2-station APC coupled with full 360 degree 4th axis capability means faster part turn around and more production per pallet load. Standard features such as the world's fastest 60m/min (2,362ipm) rapid feedrates, rear discharge hinge belt chip conveyor and numerous high-tech Icon-Drive Arumatik®-Mi control features make this space-saving mid-size HMC your go to for a variety of machining applications.

Machine Features

  • Linear scale feedback system -fine pitch, high resolution ballscrews
  • Positioning Accuracy: +/- 0.000078"/full stroke, Repeatability: +/- 0.000039"
  • Expandable, 2-station rotating pallet system
  • Full 4th axis rotary table with Integral motor and high-speed 125rpm (45,000deg/min) rapid feed rate
  • Highest grade Meehanite cast iron construction with world's fastest rapid feed rates of 2,362ipm with solid box ways
  • High-speed, 15,000 direct driven, dual contact spindle. Optional 20,000rpm now available!
  • SSS (Super Smooth Surface) control for complex contouring & mold applications
  • The ability to add 500mm tables in the field as an option

  • Arumatik-Mi control

    Offers the user exclusive feature rich functions to maximize and fully customize the operator experience.

  • Maximizes Operator Convenience

    • Customizable for Ultimate Productivity
    • High Speed Processing, Super Smooth Control Process
    • Fanuc User-Friendly
    • Unlimited Lifetime Software Upgrades
    • Developed for Continual Advancements
  • Powerful, Unique Features on the 19" LCD

    • Customized main menu touch screens
    • Visual work setting screens
    • Maintenance Support Functions
    • Video Guidance
  • Fanuc User Friendly

    • Ability to run current Fanuc programs
    • Little to no modification to existing programs is necessary
    • Looks and feels like a Fanuc Control
    • Comfortable and convenient for those customers who are unfamiliar with anything else
  • Maintenance Support Function

    • On screen parts identification and ability to visually enlarge machine parts list
    • Alarm release guidance screens - Instructs where to check should an alarm occur
    • Periodic maintenance screens help to maintain optimum machine condition, offer longer machine life expectancy and reduce down time.
  • Kitamura Monitor/Adaptive Control

    • Detects tool wear and controls cutting federate automatically by monitoring live spindle load during machining.
    • Tool life is maximized and cycle time is shortened dramatically by adapting to the change in cutting conditions.
    • Additional benefits include reduction in non-cut time and the prevention of machine crashes/human error.
  • Standard Features, Advanced CNC Technology

    • High precision contour control with 1680-block look ahead, 2800/blocks per second processing speeds.
    • 1280 Meters of Memory
    • 8GB CF/USB Data Server
    • 700 Custom Macro Variables
    • 102 Pairs Workpiece Coordinate System
    • 200 Tool Offsets

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Table Size15.75 in.
Spindle RPM15000
Spindle Taper40 NST
Spindle HP15