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Murata Machinery MS50
Automated Turning Center

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The MS50 delivers exceptional rigidity, high precision processing, and greater productivity. With a super high-speed loader and versatile automation, this machine features quick load/unload times at a fraction of the usual production time.

Its compact design and automation capabilities make it a perfect fit for line planning when coupled with another one of our twin spindle turning machines from our MW Series. This is an incredibly versatile machine that can be used for the efficient turning of hubs, carriers, transmission parts and more. What's more, the MS50 is a great solution for longer, unattended production and can reduce labor costs while increasing overall productivity.

Designed for line planning, the MS50 brings the automation, reliability, and productivity you've been missing.

Machine Features

    Ideal for In-Line Operations

  • The MS50 is an optimal solution for line planning and can work alongside any of the MW100GT twin spindle machines from our MW Series.
  • Longer Unattended Operation

  • In addition to multi-machining, the MS50 will deliver longer unattended operations, reducing the cost of labor.
  • Automation Solutions

  • Designed with automation in mind, as well as a fully automated gantry, the MS50 can be configured to meet your unique operating needs.

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Max Turn Dia1.57 in.
Max Turn Len2.36 in.
Chuck Size6 in.
Spindle RPM4500
Spindle HP7
Rapids(X)944 ipm
Rapids(Z)944 ipm
No of Tools8