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Murata Machinery MW200
Automated Turning Center

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Engineered with a high-speed, three-axis gantry loader, the MW200 is designed to improve productivity by delivering rapid load/unload times for shorter cycles. This flexible machine can perform two identical processes or turnaround applications from a single source, saving process time and space on the shop floor.

The MW200 is designed with a column/turret bar construction, providing world-class rigidity and high precision processing. For increased versatility, this machine is available with twin gantry loaders, allowing for faster loading and unloading at stocker systems, conveyors and peripheral devices outside of the cutting zones.

When it comes to high-precision processing, increased productivity, and shorter cycle times, the compact MW200 is a CNC turning center that truly delivers. As a versatile machine, it can also be custom-built with automated solutions that meet your unique needs.

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Machine Image

Machine Image

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Machine Features

    Flexible Machine Utilization

  • The MW200 offers ultimate flexibility for performing two identical cutting processes or turnaround cutting applications in a 10 chuck machine.
  • Delivers Versatility

  • Available with a single, or twin gantry loaders, the MW200 can load/unload various sizes and weights for added versatility to meet all production time requirements.
  • Self-Contained

    The MW200 is a self-contained machine, and all operations are integral to this machine for optimal flexibility and improved productivity.

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Max Turn Dia7.87 in.
Max Turn Len4.72 in.
Chuck Size10 in.
Spindle RPM3500
Spindle HP29
Rapids(X)944 ipm
Rapids(Z)944 ipm
No of Tools10 x 2