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Murata Machinery MW80
Automated Turning Center

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As a super-compact twin spindle turning center, the MW80 reduces cycle times with its high-speed gantry and lightning-fast load/unload times. Designed for increased productivity, this machine is equipped with two horizontal spindles and twin four-station tool blocks. Though it has the same gantry speed as the MW50, the MW80 can accommodate slightly larger parts.

Boasting speeds of up to 6,000 RPM, the MW80 is the ultimate solution for the turning of high-speed parts. It's a dual spindle turning machine and is built with two of Muratec's proven high-speed gantry loaders, a feature that increases uptime and reduces overall cycle times. This machine is also incredibly flexible and has a wide gang tool platform for added versatility.

Delivering high speeds, shorter cycle time and reduced idle times, the MW80 is an optimal solution for high-speed turning. Like all Murata Machinery USA products, it can be automated to meet your specific part requirements. Contact us today to find out if the MW80 is the right option for you!

Machine Image

Machine Image

Machine Features

    High-Speed Processing

  • Available with a twin gantry for high-speed processing of parts up to 80 mm in diameter.
  • With its high-speed gantry, fast load/unload times, and reduced cycle times, the MW80 delivers shorter cycle times
  • The MW80 is incredibly flexible and has a wide gang tool platform for added versatility.

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Max Turn Dia3.14 in.
Max Turn Len1.96 in.
Chuck Size6 in.
Spindle RPM6000
Spindle HP10
No of ToolsTool Plate