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Murata Machinery MW50
Automated Turning Center

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The compact, energy saving MW50 was developed to turn smaller parts with faster cycle times. Featuring two horizontal spindles, this machine can come equipped with one, or two of our high-speed gantry loaders.

All machines in the MW Series are equipped with two spindles, which allows them to turn parts at a fast pace. Designed specifically to turn smaller parts, the MW50 reduces overall cycle time with its high-speed gantry, fast load/unload times, and reduced machine idle time. The MW50 delivers flexibility, versatility and a gang style tooling block for quick tool changes. Contact us today to learn more about the MW50.

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Machine Image

Machine Image

Machine Features

    Fast Cycle Times

  • With a high-speed gantry, fast load/unload times and reduced idle time, the MW50 is perfect for small 50mm diameter parts with very fast cycle time requirements.
  • Quick Tool Changes

  • The MW50 is equipped with a gang style tooling block for quick tool changes and easy setup.
  • Compact Size

  • This machine is designed for compact line operation and will save space while improving productivity.

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Max Turn Dia1.968 in.
Max Turn Len1.968 in.
Chuck Size6 in.
Spindle RPM6000
Spindle HP10
Rapids(X)708 ipm
Rapids(Z)944 ipm
No of ToolsTool Plate