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Murata Machinery MW40
Automated Turning Center

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The MW40 offers more capabilities than ever for the ultra-precise machining of smaller parts. Designed to provide minimal thermal displacement during operation, this machine is the optimal solution for exact turning requirements. The machine's energy saving, compact size attributes to its efficiency as it allows users the capabilities they need, while reducing floor space usage.

The MW40 is a flexible, versatile machine, and like all machines in the MW series, it comes equipped with two spindles allowing flexible part processing. Additionally, this machine is available with live tooling and Y-axis milling capabilities allowing for limitless production of small precise parts.

A self-contained solution, the MW40 is an example of the quality of machine that only Murata Machinery USA can deliver. Offering versatility and easy setup change, the MW40 stands apart from the competition when it comes to delivering small parts with super precision. Contact us today to see if the MW40 is the right fit for you.

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Machine Image

Machine Image

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Machine Features

    Super Precise

  • The MW40 is a high-precision machine that offers more capabilities than ever for the ultra-precise turning of smaller parts.
  • Simultaneous Operations

  • Its twin spindles allow the MW40 to perform simultaneous operations from a single, self-contained source.
  • Compact Size

  • The MW40 is designed for compact line operation and supports facilities seeking to save space.
  • Available Features/Options

  • Single or Twin Gantry Robot Loader(s) | Live tooling with full C-axis | Y-axis

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Max Turn Dia3.5 in.
Max Turn Len1.9 in.
Chuck Size5 in.
Spindle RPM6000
Spindle HP5
No of Tools10 x 2 STA