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Murata Machinery MW35
Automated Turning Center

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When the Muratec MW35 was first conceptualized as a solution for high-speed turning operations, there was one specific goal in mind: to reduce cycle times. The MW35 delivers parts in 3 seconds or less. In addition to its lightning fast speeds, this machine is designed with two spindles, allowing it to perform simultaneous operations from a single, self-contained source. The MW35 comes fully equipped with a gang-type tool plate, built-in workpiece ejector, and a servo-controlled high-speed swing-type loader, all of which result in a faster overall part-to-part cycle time. Though originally intended for screw machine blanks and fasteners, the MW35's turning capabilities are seemingly limitless.

Not only does this machine reduce cycle times, but its compact footprint also allows users to replace antiquated equipment, reducing overall floor space. But don't let its compact size fool you; the MW35 can double the production of a single spindle machine's operation, with the same footprint.

The MW35 delivers speed, compact size, two spindles and simultaneous multi-tool cutting capabilities. For the power of two machines in one compact unit, look no further than the MW35 automated turning machine. Contact us today to learn more!

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Machine Features

    Lightning Fast Speeds

  • With two spindles and a high-speed loader, the MW35 can deliver parts in 3 seconds or less.
  • Simultaneous Operations

  • Its twin spindles allow the MW35 to perform simultaneous operations from a single, self-contained source.
  • Compact Size

  • The MW35's compact footprint allows users to replace equipment while reducing floor space.

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Max Turn Dia2.95 in.
Max Turn Len1.18 in.
Chuck Size5 in.
Spindle RPM6000
Spindle HP5
Rapids(X)708.66 ipm
Rapids(Z)1181 ipm
No of ToolsTool Plate