Saws, Band, Horizontal

DoAll C3300NC, Horizontal Bandsaw S/N 521-97186 (Stock# UD100214)
Jet HVBS-7MW, 6" x 12", Horizontal Band Saw, 3/4 HP, 110 voly, 1 ph/60cy, coolant, S/N 1058 (Stock# UD100228)
UD100228 PDF
HEM Sidewinder SWA-1, 12.75" x 16" Fully Automatic Horizontal Band Saw, 1" blade, Automatic Feed, Hydraulic Auto Clamp, 440 volt, S/N 943706, 2010 (Stock# UD100229)
UD100229 PDF
Hyd S-20, Horizontal Miter Band Saw, S/N 60605063 (Stock# UD100305)
DoAll C80, Horizontal Saw, 12"x16", Fully Automatic, 440/3/60, s/n 190-76885 (Stock# UD100400)
WF Wells Saw, S/N W005578 (Stock# UD100357)

Saws, Band, Vertical

Marvel 8-Mark-II, Bandsaw, S/N 828782 (Stock# UD100306)
Powermatic 81, 20" vertical bandsaw (Stock# UD100308)
DoAll Metmaster, 20" Vertical Saw w/welder, 0-1600 FPM, 480/3/60, s/n 39496 (Stock# UD100399)
DoAll model 3612-2H, DoAll model 3612-2H Vertical Bandsaw, 35-1/2" throat, 12: work height, hyd feed table, 440V, s/n 400-89258 (1989) (Stock# UD100380)
HEM V100M, HEM Model V100M, Bandsaw, 2 HP, 80 PSI air, 220/440V, S/N 274488 (Stock# UD100379)
HEM Model V100LA-2, Tilt Frame Vertical Saw with Automatic Index, 5HP, 1.25" Blade, wired 220V s/n 512696 (Stock# UD100281)

Saws, Circular Cold

Kaltenbach KKS401, 16" coldsaw with magazine stock feed system, 460 volt, S/N 114361 (Stock# UD100141)
UD100141 PDF

Saws, Woodworking

Sears 113-24181, 10" blade, S/N 8054P0093 (Stock# UD66900)
UD66900 PDF