Millers, Production, (Simplex)

Cincinnati 100RF, 12" x 64" table, "Powermatic" w/ rise & fall, 36" travel, #50 taper, 50-2000 RPM, 7.5 HP, S/N 311P1AJE-69, 1969 (Stock# UD24673)
UD24673UD24673 PDF
CINCINNATI #105-122, 12" x 59" table, "Hypowermatic" w/ rise & fall, 24" travel, #50 taper, 30-1200 RPM, 7.5 HP, S/N 31122H5V-00021B1, 1969 (Stock# UD24674)
UD24674UD24674 PDF

Millers, Universal

Heckert 450APUG, Horzontal/Vertical Mill with all tooling, s/n 326295/154 (Stock# UD100295)
UD100295 PDF

Millers, Vertical

Bridgeport Series I, Bridgeport series 1 Mill w/ Servo X axis, Kurt vises, Newell 2-axis DRO system, Kurt vise, S/N 215588 (1980) (Stock# UD100314)
UD100314 PDF
Heckert 315S, Heckert Mill Model 315S, 28-1400 RPM, Sony DRO, S/N 315212/129 (Stock# UD100390)
UD100390 PDF
Bridgeport Series I, Mill with tooling, s/n 139931 (Stock# UD100291)
UD100291 PDF