Grinders, Carbide

Hammond #WD6, 6" Wet Carbide Tool Grinder, S/N 14267 (Stock# UD100310)
UD100310 PDF

Grinders, Centerless

Cincinnati EA, 1/16" to 3-1/2" capacity, 20" x 8" x 12" wheel, 15 HP, hydraulic dressers, infeed (hand), infeed work rest, 440 volt, S/N 2M2H5C-158, 1955 (Stock# UD24505)
UD24505UD24505 PDF

Grinders, Cylindrical

Fortuna RME-200, cylindrical grinding machine with Engis Diaform model B pantograph wheel dresser, 14" wheel, 13 wheels & hubs, colets, tools, centers, diamond nib, books and manuals, S/N 12463 (Stock# UD100027A)
UD100027A PDF
TOS HOSTIVAR Model #BU28-630, cylindrical grinder, 11" x 24.8" capacity, 5 HP, 16" wheel, Hydraulic, coolant, dresser, S/N 588814 (Stock# UD71140)
UD71140UD71140 PDF

Grinders, Cylindrical, Plain, (Angle Head), N/C & CNC

Shigiya GPH-20-50, CNC Cylindrical Grinder w/ Swing Down ID Attachment, Hydraulic Tailstock, Coolant system with Magnetic Seperator, 110 hours, S/N 1070449 (Stock# UD100535)
UD100535UD100535 PDF

Grinders, Pedestal Type

8" Pedestal Grinder (Stock# UD100239)

Grinders, Surface, Reciprocating Table

DoAll D618-7, 6" x 18" Surface Grinder, 2-axis, magnetic chuck, 440 volt, S/N 219-66257, 1966 (Stock# UD100215)
UD100215UD100215 PDF
B&S 612 Surface 612, B&S 612 Surface Grinder with chuck, 480/3/60, S/N 523-612-152 (Stock# UD100385)
UD100385 PDF
B&S 618 Micromaster, B&S 618 Micromaster, 2 axis, overwheel dresser, chuck, S/N 523-6181-9497 (Stock# UD100386)
UD100386 PDF
Ziersch & Baltrusch (Z&B) ZB84, Surface Grinder, Electromagnetic Chuck, Overwheel dresser, S/N 48BK69 (1999) (Stock# UD100413)
UD100413 PDF
Gallmeyer & Livingston Model A, 14" x 72", 3-axis with down feed, 15 HP, 20" grinding wheel, coolant, magnetic chuck, wheel dresser, 460/3/60, S/N A221460, 1970 (Stock# UD39435)
UD39435UD39435 PDF

Grinders, Surface, Rotary Type, (Vertical Spindle)

Blanchard #18-42, segmented wheel hub, 22-1/4" OD (Stock# UD100272)
Blanchard #18-36, 36" chuck, 12" under wheel, 25 HP, solid wheel, wet base, S/N 7851, 1954 (Stock# UD16708)
UD16708UD16708 PDF
Blanchard #18, 36" chuck, high column w/ 12"under wheel, solid wheel, 35 HP, wet base, S/N 8782, 1955 (Stock# UD16713)
UD16713UD16713 PDF

Grinders, Tap

Hybco Model 1100, Tap Grinder, S/N 7707 (Stock# UD100065A)

Grinders, Tool Post, Double End

Dumore #57-031 Tool 57-031, #57-031 Tool Post Grinder, 3/4 HP, 120 volt, 3 ph, 60 cy., S/N 8526 (Stock# UD100333)
UD100333 PDF