Gagemaster Model89/CMX, Optical Comparator, GMX Digital Read-Out Control, 22" Dia. Screen that rotates with digital angle Measurement, Reflective surface measurement capabilty. S/N 3670989 (Stock# UD100110)
UD100110UD100110 PDF
DELTRONICS # 937, comparator, 30" screen, 9" x 24-3/4" table, profile, surface, 50X and 10X lens, Deltronics MDC-1, 2 axis DRO, S/N 1285 (Stock# UD30600)
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Jones & Lamson PC-14, JONES & LAMSON #PC-14 comparator, 14" screen, 6" x 30" table, 20x lens, Novalite, reflection, radius chart, S/N 36497, 1963 (Stock# UD45637)
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