SMW AUTOBLOK AXN 235, 210mm body, Automatic Indexing Chuck with hydraulic clamping and indexing, complete with A2-6 spindle mount, rotating oil manifold, tube bundle, hydraulic power unit with Siemens TD200 electronic interface for index and chuck pressure, S/N 103 (Stock# UD100154)
UD100154 PDF
SMW AUTOBLOK KNCS-N-225-65, Quick change jaw chuck, S/N 612077, Including (2) sets of master jaws, (2) sets of harden top jaws, (3) sets of solid hard jaws, (2) sets of soft jaws (Stock# UD100156)
UD100156 PDF
Pratt Burnerd Chuck, hydraulic 6", 3-Jaw, A5 mount, S/N 9131-31723, PRICE ON REQUEST (Stock# UT00003)
Lexair - Production Dynamics #FR8-27, Full Bore 8" collet chuck, 8" chuck, S26 collet pads, 1/4" - 2-5/8" w/ collet pads or 1/4" - 2-3/4" using solid colets, A2-6 mount (Stock# UD100158)
UD100158 PDF
SMW AUTOBLOK 210 HYN-S, 3-jaw power chuck, S/N 286, Including (1) set of master jaws, 5 sets of soft jaws (Available with AUTOBLOCK AXN 235 Indexing chuck) (Stock# UD100155)
UD100155 PDF
Crawford #CDC-66, QC Collet Chuck, 2.46" capacity, dead length, S20 collet pads, A2-8 mount (Stock# UD100157)
UD100157 PDF
Buck Forkhardt #3AT8, Chuck 8?, Adustru #A0002083002, PRICE ON REQUEST (Stock# UT00004)
Kitagawa #B206, Chuck, hydraulic 6", 3-Jaw, A5 mount, S/N 9173 , PRICE ON REQUEST (Stock# UT00001)
Kitagawa #B206, Chuck, hydraulic 6", 3-Jaw, A5 mount, S/N 9188, PRICE ON REQUEST (Stock# UT00002)
Kitagawa #HOB 8, Chuck, hydraulic, 8", 3-jaw, A6 mount, S/N 4276, PRICE ON REQUEST (Stock# UT00005)