Fully equipped rebuilding and repair department

Machinery Solutions, Inc. has rebuilt hundreds of machine tools during our 39 years in business. Reduce your operating cost, improve your tolerances and increase your profits by rebuilding or repairing your existing machines for a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

We grind machine bed ways and slides, hand scrape and fit components, apply turcite, replace spindle bearings, and perform general machine tool repairs as needed. Our 36" x 36" x 168" in house grinding capacity and skilled staff can help you get the most out of your machine tools.

Simply put, our rebuild department offers services that are usually only available from the machine tool builders themselves.

For more information concerning your specific rebuilding needs, contact:

Jody Stevens at (803) 359-7000

Thompson Grinder

Let Us Grind Your:

  • CNC or Manual Lathe Beds
  • Milling Machine Saddles and Tables
  • Grinding Wheel Dresser Slides
  • Grinding Machine Beds and Tables
  • Boring Mill Table, Saddles and Beds
  • Vertical Boring Mill Cross Rails and Rams
  • Shear blades
Rebuilding Photo